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  • Eritrean-born Dutch cyclist wins road race Paralympics gold

    A men's cycling road race at the Rio Paralympics ended in high drama after the two leaders, including Australia's Alistair Donohoe, crashed out in a sprint finish, leaving the Dutch cyclist in third spot to take gold in a 'Steven Bradbury' moment.

    Donohoe and Ukraine's Yehor Dementyev were jostling within sight of the finish line for their 84km event before Dementyev veered into the path of the Australian and they both crashed to the ground.

    Eritrean-born Dutch cyclist Daniel Abraham Gebru crossed the finish line just moments after Donohoe and, after some consternation, was awarded the gold medal.

    Brazilian Lauro Cesar Chaman crossed next for the silver ahead of Italian Andrea Tarlao, who snatched bronze.

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  • How Selamawit Dejen is challenging perceptions

    The favorite words of Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation host, Selamawit Dejen Woretaw, are "Smile, as it is the world's most powerful gesture." It is no wonder; she has been smiling, as she hosts a daily sports segment, right after EBC's most watched news program and makes history and shatters the glass ceilings for women broadcasters all over Ethiopia.

    The Gondar native's unlikely path to broadcasting started by chance some three years ago. The then Ethiopian Television (ETV) – Ethiopia's lone public broadcasting corporation – was on the lookout for a new host with a fresh look and style. She loved sports, which she barely played it in her adolescent years, but, like most Ethiopian youngsters, had a passing interest in it in her 20s. Her friends were persistent and encouraged her to explore the opportunity.

    She was then a busy new graduate of Bahir Dar University in Chemical and Processing Engineering, and was lecturing at Addis Ababa University's prestigious Addis Ababa Science and Technology (ASTU) on a part-time basis, all before her 22nd birthday. She had skipped several grades and graduated from high school a few years in advance.

    Her family wanted her to go far. Medical school, perhaps graduate school or even become a full-fledged professor. They knew she had what it takes to pursue and achieve anything she wanted to. She was determined to fulfill their ambition for her.

    The competition for the spot to be a host on ETV was stiff; and as a young woman, her chance was like a lottery. Among the hundreds that applied, only four were women. It was a shock, as she explained, when she was chosen as one of four hosts hired. Among the four, she was one of the two women chosen. Her family was not enthusiastic and was disappointed. She was more determined to prove them wrong, and live the old words of feminism: "A woman's place is not necessarily in the kitchen, but wherever she wants to be."

    She wanted to be in broadcasting and pursue it with passion and determination. She knew and understood the path was less traveled by such a person and she would be an instant role-model for young girls. Her ultimate destination rested where her childhood heroes, such as artistes Mulualem Tadesse and Serawit Fikre, who each became pioneers in the making of Ethiopian TV commercials.


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  • Ethiopia: Marathoner has nothing to fear after Olympic protest - CNN

    (CNN) Olympic marathon runner Feyisa Lilesa has nothing to fear because of a protest gesture he displayed as he crossed the finish line, Ethiopia's communication minister said Monday.

    Lilesa won a silver medal Sunday with his arms crossed over his head in a sign of solidarity for Oromo-protest in Ethiopia.

    Lilesa said he wanted to draw attention to the government's ongoing persecution of the Oromos, but he feared that his protest had put himself into such danger that he can't go home.

    Ethiopia's Communications Minister Getachew Reda described Lilesa as "an Ethiopian hero," saying he "shouldn't at all be worried" to return.

    Lilesa said he feared he would be killed or imprisoned. Some of his family members are already in prison, he said, and he said he's worried about the safety of his wife and two children.

    In response, Reda told CNN in it's "a bit of a stretch to assume that your loved ones will be at risk because you have made one gesture or another. I can assure you nothing is going to happen to his family nothing is going to happen to him."

    Before Reda's response, Lilesa said he may stay in Brazil or go to Kenya or the United States, depending on whether he can obtain a visa for those moves.

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  • Rio 2016 Olympics: Kipyegon takes women's 1500m gold

    Kenya's Faith Kipyegon won the women's Olympic 1,500 meters on Tuesday after unleashing a devastating burst in the second half of the race that left Ethiopia's world record holder Genzebe Dibaba trailing in her wake.

    "It was an amazing race," Kipyegon told reporters. "I needed to focus for the middle because I knew Genzebe is so fast and I really had to kick on the last lap."

    Dibaba held on for silver, with American former world champion Jenny Simpson taking bronze.

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