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Ethiopia to demand Isaias Afeworki leave Eritrea

With patience running thin the Ethiopian government is almost at a decision point to demand the removal of Isaias Afeworki from power. Sources familiar with the issue told Aigaforum the government  has floated the idea to key western nations as a comprehensive plan for the horn of africa region. The Ethiopian government has informed many western nations that if Isaias Afewroki is not removed from power there will be war and Ethiopia will defend vigorously. 

The issue of Isaias Afewroki's removal from power gained momentum over the last few weeks with Al- Shabaab deadly attempt to overrun Ethiopia's AMSOM military camp in Somalia. However, our sources told us the recent clash between Eritrea and Ethiopia  in Tserona Northern Tigrai region may have given the proposal more ammunition. 

It is unclear if western nations will support the idea but the EPRDF government is not new to such diplomatic undertaking. The once strong military man Col Mengstu Hailemariam was removed from power  and sent to Zimbabwe  when the then rebel EPRDF fighters  encircled Addis Ababa. The late PM Meles Zenawi who was chairman of the EPRDF negotiated Mengsitu departure in London. Our sources told us it is highly possible the American and British  government will support the plan to avoid bloodshed. The sooner Isaias Afeworki packs and leaves Eritrea the less casualty on the Eritrean people.

If war breaks out, Ethiopia is on the record,  that it will make sure this will be the last war. Our sources told us this means the war will be a war of attrition and it is such scenario Ethiopia is trying to avoid and convince key western nations to go along with the plan. Recently President Abay Woldu from Tigrai the region that is mostly affected by the no war no peace policy of the Ethiopian government  said to residents of Adwa town, that Ethiopia is planning to bring to an end the conflict with Eritrea  soon. He said either peacefully or otherwise this conflict will come to an end sooner than many think. 

It is not clear if Isaias Afeworki will accept such demand but our sources told us even if he does not accept such demand it will have  a huge impact on the Eritreans and its defense forces.  Many in the government of Ethiopia are convinced the Eritrean army may rebel against Isaias Afeworki and if they are convinced about Ethiopia's disinterest of overrunning Eritrea then they may reform and establish a government of their own that is willing to live in peace with its neighbors. 

Source: Aigaforum

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  • Welday Biruk Added These two countries can not afford to go to another stupid war because their leaders egomaniacs trying to proof superiority over one another. TPLF believes that it can bring regime change in Asmara not being aware that this same war might cause its own demise. TPLF has long lost moral integrity and political support in Ethiopia. It will benefit more from hanging on its agenda of minority dictatorship and finish its countable days. I will advice Ethiopian forces to revolt against killing any Eritrean solder and vice versa. The problems in the horn of Africa is TPLF and ELF, not the people or the border.
  • ኣስላን Added plz stop accusing Eritrea,We`ve no haters in the regime .
  • Shambel Added Shaleka, if Ethiopia is that bad why are you Eritreans in your hundred thousands in refugee camps all over Tigray, Ethiopia? If Isayas is Generous, why is he treating you Eritreans like slaves? Have you seen EriTV report of the 25th Eritrean "freedom" celebration in zobatat? Almost no young people among the people celebrating people. We Ethiopians have love/hate thing with Isayas. We love him for make you suffer like this but we hate him when he trys to make Ethiopia suffer. You Eritreans deserve him!
  • Shaleka Added Shambel , Isayas Afeworki did not trade his home land to western nations and china like Woyane who kill its own people Oromos , amharas, gurages, and southern people and gambellas.

    Woyan the 60 TPLF members has to stand trial for killing millions of Oromos and others and you must be included for saying that to Generous man Isayas.
  • Shambel Added Isayas Afewerki must stand trial like other War criminals in the International Criminal Court (ICC) The Hague, Netherlands.
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