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Hijacked Ethiopian Mi 35 Attack Helicopter landed in Eritrea - EBC

Ethiopia says Hijacked Ethiopian Mi 35 Attack Helicopter landed in Eritrea.

The Ethiopian Air Force pilots reportedly went missing since friday morning with their MI-35 combat helicopters.

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  • Mebrahtom Added The nonsense and very narrow individuals associate loss of Ethiopian resource with EPRDF, which shows their flooshness and blind hatrege.
  • goshe Added woyane got jacked. Ethiopia lezelalem tenur.
  • Gera Dee Added War hmm stand for peace, here again one win then start another fight to get another victory, and the one who lose go back to win , a cycle of violence that never end. It is ego and game let me tell you this is not a video game on a table please please on this holiday I pledge you all behind key board think of those mothers think their tear, their heart that ace , those in the desert vanish , we don't have to lose a son a daughter to feel pain. Let peace and reconcelation to engage not war. Let us give the best gift of all time remain silent let us give room for reconciliation to take place. Let us not pock pain , put gasoline on fire. Let ou love unconditionaly. For the sake of mothers. I stand for peace I have no enemy, I have no color or ethnic to favour I see young , I see elderly, I see beauty I see love I see forgiveness. I seen a powerful weapon silent and love. So Please open your eye and heart be a generation to refuse this game. Yes we can wipe the tear and change history. With respect to you all here expressing your opinion may be may be you have pain that I can't hold your hand and take it away but not one more. I love you all and it is my prayer to all both side to promise I stand for peace. Wish all know there is such thing in journalism pushing envelop let us not be their marketing ladder. let us be selective of what is useful for our beloved one. Peace.
  • Daniel Added We have not to bother on what they have done. This will not discourage us,But I always recommend that everyone have to be patriotic and stand to his country. Long live to Ethiopia.
  • Zemicael Added @Haile this time it is coming to blow your malnourished skinny ass
  • Haile Added mathefuckers we are waiting another multimilloion helicopter
  • Gomida Added Just bombard all shabian bases [if they have same] and bring the 2 nations together.
  • Tesfaye Added What Ever your reason is betraying your people and your country is not a solution but, it is a sign of failure specially for the pilot who promiced to serve his country infront of the flag. Atleast you should think of those brothers and sisters who gave their life for their mother land in the fight with ........ You will regreat for it.
  • Zemichael Added we will bring our helicopter back with handcuffed Isayas
  • Shambel Added Bring our Helicopter back :)
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