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  • Jano Band announce kickoff of Ethiopia Tour 2014

    Jano Band and Meta Abo Brewery SC announced the kickoff of the band’s 2014 nationwide tour on Wednesday at Harmony Hotel.

    The tour, to be carried out under Meta’s “Celebrating the Pride of Ethiopian Music” campaign, will bring the band’s Ethiopian-rock sounds to audiences across the nation, starting with a concert in Addis Ababa on 18 January at Tropical Gardens.

    Jano’s first performance for the Ethiopia Tour 2014 is anticipated to draw a crowd of over 5,000 to the ‘vibrant’ outdoor venue at the Tropical Gardens. Tickets for the Addis Ababa concert are on sale now through the concert date at a number of outlets around the city, which are specified on radio announcements. The following concerts will take place in February in the cities of Gondar, Bahir Dar and Dire Dawa, successively, with a final concert in Dessie, the date of which will be announced in the coming weeks.

    The Jano Band Ethiopia Tour 2014 is part of Meta’s broader “Celebrating the Pride of Ethiopian Music” campaign, which has been the business’ core means of engaging consumers over the past year-and-a-half, and which aims to encourage Ethiopians to celebrate life responsibly every day, everywhere. Ethiopian music has an important role to play in how Ethiopians come together to celebrate memorable and exciting occasions throughout their lives. Through the “Celebrating the Pride of Ethiopian Music” concept, Meta aims to tap into the heart of Ethiopian music, and support its advancement by spotlighting well-known and up and coming Ethiopian artists, who characterize the breadth of local music.

    At the press conference, Meta Abo Brewery’s Managing Director, Francis Agbonlahor, expressed his enthusiasm to be working with the likes of the powerful and versatile, Jano Band. “Meta is very proud to support Jano Band, the voice of a new Ethiopian generation, through our ‘Celebrating the Pride of Ethiopian Music’ campaign. Over the course of the past twelve months, I’ve been continuously impressed with Jano’s abilities to push not only the boundaries of Ethiopian music, but also their art and abilities day after day,” Agbonlahor said.

    Adissu Gessesse, Jano Band manager, echoed this sentiment, stating, “Having recently returned from our US tour, which was phenomenally well-received, Jano is incredibly proud to bring this momentum to its home country and people as it embarks on this nationwide tour.”

    As part of Meta and Jano’s collaboration around the “Celebrating the Pride of Ethiopian Music" journey, Meta sponsored the band’s 2013 Ethiopia tour, which took them to Nazareth, Mekelle, Hawassa, and Jimma in addition to a performance for a packed crowd at Lafto Mall in Addis Ababa.

    Meta is poised to invest significantly in the area of music in to continue to deliver the best consumer music experience, as exemplified by the launch of the Jano Band Ethiopia Tour 2014.

    source: thereporterethiopia

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  • Addis Ababa listed on The New York Times '52 Places to Go in 2014'

    Zoma Contemporary Art Center Designed by Elias Sime (photo courtesy: Michel Temteme for The New York Times)

    The New York Times has listed Addis Ababa as one of the 52 places that should be visited in 2014.

    The travel section of one of the biggest daily newspapers in the US labeled Addis Ababa as an ambitious art scene that is heading toward the international stage.

    “Building on a strong historical legacy (Addis boasts one of East Africa’s oldest art schools) are a host of events scheduled for 2014: a photography festival, two film festivals and a jazz and world music festival. Thanks to the city’s diverse art institutions and galleries, including the artist-in-residence village Zoma Contemporary Art Center and the Asni Gallery (really more an art collective than a gallery), there is an art opening at least once a week. Even the local Sheraton puts on “Art of Ethiopia,” an annual show of new talent. But it’s the National Museum that, in May and June, will host this year’s blockbuster exhibit, “Ras Tafari: The Majesty and the Movement,” devoted to Emperor Haile-Selassie I and Rastafarianism,” The New York Times stated.

    Apart from Addis, other African countries and specific cities and locations like Cape Town, South Africa, Laikipia Plateau, Kenya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania are also picked by the newspaper.

    source: thereporterethiopia

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  • "Chereqa Sefer" Residents make way for Addis Ababa New Stadium

    The area between Bole Medhanialem and Imperial Hotel is being cleared to make way for the construction of a 60,000-seat stadium, estimated to cost 1.6 billion birr. Residents of the area, commonly known as “Chereqa sefer, have been relocated, as many houses had to be demolished for the construction. Many squatters have also been removed from the area.

    Last year in June the Federal Sport Commission officially declared the winner of the new architectural design of the new stadium that it plans to build. The Winner of the design was reportedly JDAW and its engineers.

    The stadium will be Ethiopia’s first that is up to FIFA’s standards and guidelines. Currently there are only two stadiums in Addis Ababa. The Addis Ababa Stadium which was built by Emperor Haile Selassie half a century ago. Another stadium, which has yet to be fully finished, is  Abebe Bikila Stadium.

    It was reported that the commission believes the old stadiums are preventing them from holding more football matches. In addition, the bigger stadium will generate more revenue, as is common for other nearby countries that have bigger stadiums.

    source: capitalethiopia

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  • Sundance: Angelina Jolie Joins Ethiopian Pic ‘Difret’ As Executive Producer

    The actress and director of the upcoming Unbroken is now on board as one of the EPs of the Sundance Film Festival World Cinema Dramatic Competition film Difret. The announcement that Angelina Jolie has joined the Ethiopian pic comes just days before its January 18 world premiere in Park City.

    The Oscar-winning actress also will be taking a presentation credit on the film. No word yet if that will change the title of the film. From first-time feature director Zeresenay Berhane Mehari, Difret tells the tale of a girl and a female lawyer who take on the Ethiopian tradition of “telefa”, or marriage by abduction. “This film is a strong moment for art in Ethiopia”, said Jolie in a statement today. “It is inspiring to see such an important story so beautifully illustrated with such creative talent. It draws out the richness of Ethiopian culture and shows how important legal advances can be made while respecting local culture. It is a story that gives hope for Ethiopia’s future, and for other countries where countless girls grow up without the protection of laws that shield them and their bodies, and shows how the courage of brave individuals can awaken the conscience of a society.” 

    In November, Jolie was recipient of the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences’ Jean Hersholt Award for her international humanitarian efforts. 

    This year’s Sundance kicks off tomorrow and runs through January 26.

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  • Night Club Diplomacy by Gaslight

    South Sudan's government and rebels have moved to the unusual setting of an upmarket nightclub in an hotel in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia, to continue talks aimed at brokering a ceasefire.

    <p">Some delegates were unhappy with the poor lighting and excess noise at the Gaslight nightclub, according to sources close to the talks. <p">The delegates had to change venue as the previous venue was assigned to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who is currently visiting Addis Ababa at the end of his first tour of Africa. <p">According to the BBC the Gaslight, in the grounds of the five-star Sheraton hotel, is arguably the most opulent in Addis Ababa's thriving nightclub scene. <p">The talks are conducted during the day, when the dance floor is not in use. <p">Negotiations started over three weeks ago in Ethiopia but the warring parties have reached a stalemate as rebel leader and former Prime Minister Riek Machar demands the release of 11 political prisoners accused of attempting a coup. <p">The government  proposed to shift the peace talks to the United Nations compound in Juba, capital of South Sudan enabling the 11 prisoners to attend the negotiations and then return to custody. <p">However, rebel delegates appeared to have rejected the proposal. <p">The release is a precondition before a ceasefire is agreed. <p">Death on the Nile <p">More than 200 people fleeing fighting in the city of Malakal, Upper Nile State died in a Nile ferry accident. <p">"The reports we have are of between 200 to 300 people, including women and children. The boat was overloaded," army spokesman Philip Aguer told the AFP news agency. <p">Heavy fighting was reported in Malakal as the rebels laid siege to the town. <p">The rebel-held city of Bentiu, the capital of oil-rich Unity State, was recaptured by government forces on Friday. The rebels said they made a "tactical withdrawal" from Bentiu to avoid civilian casualties. <p">Government troops have been also advancing on the town of Bor, the last state capital still in rebel hands, according to an army spokesperson. <p">Obama has recently warned that US would stop sending aid to South Sudan, unless a ceasefire is signed. <p">China has also expressed its concern for the ongoing fighting. <p">The conflict started when current South Sudan's President Salva Kiir, who is an ethnic Dinka, accused his former and vice-president Machar, an ethnic Nuer, of an attempted coup in December. <p">Machar denied the allegations and in turn accused the president of planning a violent purge. <p">The accusations sparked violence between the two tribal groups and escalated quickly into an ethnic conflict, which has caused the death of over 1,000 people and left thousands uprooted.

    source: ibtimes

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