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  • Ethiopia to demand Isaias Afeworki leave Eritrea

    With patience running thin the Ethiopian government is almost at a decision point to demand the removal of Isaias Afeworki from power. Sources familiar with the issue told Aigaforum the government  has floated the idea to key western nations as a comprehensive plan for the horn of africa region. The Ethiopian government has informed many western nations that if Isaias Afewroki is not removed from power there will be war and Ethiopia will defend vigorously. 

    The issue of Isaias Afewroki's removal from power gained momentum over the last few weeks with Al- Shabaab deadly attempt to overrun Ethiopia's AMSOM military camp in Somalia. However, our sources told us the recent clash between Eritrea and Ethiopia  in Tserona Northern Tigrai region may have given the proposal more ammunition. 

    It is unclear if western nations will support the idea but the EPRDF government is not new to such diplomatic undertaking. The once strong military man Col Mengstu Hailemariam was removed from power  and sent to Zimbabwe  when the then rebel EPRDF fighters  encircled Addis Ababa. The late PM Meles Zenawi who was chairman of the EPRDF negotiated Mengsitu departure in London. Our sources told us it is highly possible the American and British  government will support the plan to avoid bloodshed. The sooner Isaias Afeworki packs and leaves Eritrea the less casualty on the Eritrean people.

    If war breaks out, Ethiopia is on the record,  that it will make sure this will be the last war. Our sources told us this means the war will be a war of attrition and it is such scenario Ethiopia is trying to avoid and convince key western nations to go along with the plan. Recently President Abay Woldu from Tigrai the region that is mostly affected by the no war no peace policy of the Ethiopian government  said to residents of Adwa town, that Ethiopia is planning to bring to an end the conflict with Eritrea  soon. He said either peacefully or otherwise this conflict will come to an end sooner than many think. 

    It is not clear if Isaias Afeworki will accept such demand but our sources told us even if he does not accept such demand it will have  a huge impact on the Eritreans and its defense forces.  Many in the government of Ethiopia are convinced the Eritrean army may rebel against Isaias Afeworki and if they are convinced about Ethiopia's disinterest of overrunning Eritrea then they may reform and establish a government of their own that is willing to live in peace with its neighbors. 

    Source: Aigaforum

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  • Teddy Afro: "Menilik's unification campaign was a Holy War"

    Last week witnessed an interesting turn of events surrounding an alleged comment artist Teddy Afro gave to the Enqu magazine in an exclusive interview. Enqu magazine's cover quoting Teddy Afro as saying 'For me, Menilik's unification campaign was a Holy War' - (Ethiopia).

    The first soft copy version of the magazine quoted the singer saying: ‘For me, Menelik's unification campaign was a Holy War'.

    The cover carrying the above comment was distributed by the editors of magazine through their email database. That led to an uproar of anger and criticism on the already controversial Teddy.

    Later on, another cover of the hard copy emerged with a completely different header – where Teddy emphasizes his trademark rhetoric of – ‘understating history and the past to create the future' (not a direct translation).

    Then some groups who kept quite or defended Teddy on the first comment started bashing the Teddy critiques. They claimed that it was a conspiracy to destroy the good name and will of the singer. Some claimed that it was a Photoshop.

    Subsequently, another revelation surfaced.

    The editors of the Enqu magazine sent an apology letter to their subscribers explaining that it was all a ‘technical' error and claimed Teddy did not make the ‘Crusade' remark.

    That is where things stand so far as far as I am informed.

    What do I make of the saga?

    First, I have worked in the print media at least for three years and understand the basic and simple procedures of publication, especially the front page approval process.

    I can claim boldly that the cover page was not distributed without the approval of the managing editor, editor-in-chief or other high ranking person in the magazine. It could not be a technical error that slipped through. That raises the possibility that the editorial team agreed to send it through but later decided to alter it.

    Second, Teddy Afro is very capable of making such comments.

    His unreserved love and appreciation for Menelik, his unexamined and narrow knowledge of history, and the existence of a fan base that swallows whatever comes out of him without chewing are the three most points that facilitate such a statement.

    I was as usual disappointed by the people who said nothing about the ignorant and insensitive comment (even at the time it was sure that he said it) or those who even tried to defend it. Shame on You.

    Teddy's preaching on peace, love and unity is a uninformed, shallow and naive. There can't be love without truth. And at this moment he doesn't look like he is able or willing to face the truth and preach it.

    I restrain myself from commenting on such incidents, but I am forced to do so now because of his huge following the unimaginable hypocrisy of people who preach love and unity.

    It is sad that our debates and discussions are not informed and is initiated by a confused and mis/uninformed singer.

    Note: The author Hallelujah Lulie is a researcher at Institute for Security Studies (ISS) and a guest writer on this blog (Daniel Berane).

    Source: dailyethiopia


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  • British Eritrean man fighting alongside militants in Iraq

    A Briton who claims he is fighting alongside militants in Syria has said he also recently went to Iraq to be at the "forefront" of the conflict there.

    The man, who calls himself Abu Abdullah, said he had been involved in fighting in the Iraqi city of Ramadi.

    It is the first evidence to emerge of British fighters travelling to take part in the conflict in Iraq.

    UK officials say up to 500 Britons may have travelled to the Middle East, but most are believed to be in Syria.

    Abu Abdullah, a 20-year-old British Eritrean man who is a convert to Islam, told BBC Two's Newsnight programme he was "one of the few" British fighters to have fought in Iraq.

    He said he had travelled to Syria to fight in the conflict there around nine months ago.

    The BBC cannot verify Abu Abdullah's claims to have been in Iraq but his account has been corroborated by other foreign fighters in the militant group, and the BBC has seen photos apparently showing him in Iraq.

    Militants from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, known as IS or Isis, declared the creation of a "caliphate" - an Islamic state last month.

    The Islamic State (IS) now claims control over large parts of Iraq and Syria.

    Abu Abdullah told Newsnight the fighting in Ramadi was, "the best fighting and the hardest fighting", saying that "you are in a city made of concrete and everything is blowing up." He added: "US-made weapons, that was the war booty."

    Isis have been accused of widespread human rights abuses in Iraq, but Abu Abdullah said: "They talk as if we oppress people but everyone I have come across loves dowla [IS].

    "The only ones that hate us are the ignorant, the Jews, the Christians and the Shia."

    Newsnight reporter Secunder Kermani, who interviewed Abu Abdullah via an instant messaging service, said he understood that he was in Raqqa, an IS stronghold in Syria.

    It is from there he recently uploaded photos posing in front of the decapitated torsos of men he identified as dead Syrian army soldiers - believed to have been executed and put on public display by IS.

    When challenged on this, Abu Abdullah said: "The people loved to see the heads of nusayris (derogatory term for Alawites) on spikes and I feel no sympathy for them because they are enemies of Allah".

    Parents' concerns

    He would not say where he was from in the UK, but said his family - who he said were Christian - was aware he was there.

    Abu Abdullah said they had tried to convince him to return home from the Middle East, but said he was happy there and that there was "no going back". He told Newsnight: "They say what all parents would say, 'come back you're crazy etc'. But I'm here for the sake of Allah".

    The Briton is also understood to have taken part in an IS promotional video posted online.

    In it, he said: "You are not living under oppression, you are not living under rule, we don't need any democracy, we don't need any communism or anything like that, all we need is Sharia."

    Although concerns had previously been raised about the possibility of Britons fighting in Iraq, until now there has been no real evidence of this taking place.

    It comes as the UN this week warned up to 200,000 people had been forced to flee their homes in northern Iraq after IS militants took over more towns in area.

    Militants have now taken over much of northern Iraq, as well as large parts of Syria.

    source: BBC

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  • Vast natural gas reserves discovered in Ethiopia

    The vast reserves of natural gas, recently discovered in Ethiopia, drew particular attention to the international companies. A construction of gas pipe line stretching from Arbaminch to Djibouti, through Awassa and Diredawa, is underway, local Ethiopian newspaper reported.

    According to Sendek Newspaper, the vast natural gas reserve recently found in Arbaminch will make Ethiopia a top producer of natural gas in the world, followed by Russia, Qatar and Iran.

    Both Ethiopia and Djibouti have signed a memorandum of understanding to build a refining stock in Djibouti, the newspaper added.
    Russia tops the total proven natural gas reserves of the world, holding about a quarter of world’s total gas reserves.

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