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Teddy Afro: "Menilik's unification campaign was a Holy War"

Last week witnessed an interesting turn of events surrounding an alleged comment artist Teddy Afro gave to the Enqu magazine in an exclusive interview. Enqu magazine's cover quoting Teddy Afro as saying 'For me, Menilik's unification campaign was a Holy War' - (Ethiopia).

The first soft copy version of the magazine quoted the singer saying: ‘For me, Menelik's unification campaign was a Holy War'.

The cover carrying the above comment was distributed by the editors of magazine through their email database. That led to an uproar of anger and criticism on the already controversial Teddy.

Later on, another cover of the hard copy emerged with a completely different header – where Teddy emphasizes his trademark rhetoric of – ‘understating history and the past to create the future' (not a direct translation).

Then some groups who kept quite or defended Teddy on the first comment started bashing the Teddy critiques. They claimed that it was a conspiracy to destroy the good name and will of the singer. Some claimed that it was a Photoshop.

Subsequently, another revelation surfaced.

The editors of the Enqu magazine sent an apology letter to their subscribers explaining that it was all a ‘technical' error and claimed Teddy did not make the ‘Crusade' remark.

That is where things stand so far as far as I am informed.

What do I make of the saga?

First, I have worked in the print media at least for three years and understand the basic and simple procedures of publication, especially the front page approval process.

I can claim boldly that the cover page was not distributed without the approval of the managing editor, editor-in-chief or other high ranking person in the magazine. It could not be a technical error that slipped through. That raises the possibility that the editorial team agreed to send it through but later decided to alter it.

Second, Teddy Afro is very capable of making such comments.

His unreserved love and appreciation for Menelik, his unexamined and narrow knowledge of history, and the existence of a fan base that swallows whatever comes out of him without chewing are the three most points that facilitate such a statement.

I was as usual disappointed by the people who said nothing about the ignorant and insensitive comment (even at the time it was sure that he said it) or those who even tried to defend it. Shame on You.

Teddy's preaching on peace, love and unity is a uninformed, shallow and naive. There can't be love without truth. And at this moment he doesn't look like he is able or willing to face the truth and preach it.

I restrain myself from commenting on such incidents, but I am forced to do so now because of his huge following the unimaginable hypocrisy of people who preach love and unity.

It is sad that our debates and discussions are not informed and is initiated by a confused and mis/uninformed singer.

Note: The author Hallelujah Lulie is a researcher at Institute for Security Studies (ISS) and a guest writer on this blog (Daniel Berane).

Source: dailyethiopia


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  • elshaday Added You all,why did you dare to vomit what you don't realy know well about? I much prefer the sharpest criticism of a single intelligent man to the thoughtless approval of the masses. after-all, who are you to judge the life others had lived and have been living as u can't understand your own self-thought?
  • Abba Added One thing I would say is there is nothing holiness of war! Second Teddy Afro is just little boy out of high school without proper education. He can say anything and we shouldn't worried about it at all. If we really care such comments, we have to find the root and get rid of that! Amharanization ... Listen to Dokiles comedy. He wants to Amhara? Yeah that is what Teddy Afro wants to be ... I didn't know being Gurage is sin Teddy yo Afro!
  • Ethiopia Hagere Added May God bless Ethiopia and the people!
  • Tg Added Menilik is the king gives you ethiopia identity by defending the colonies.I know most of your brain is washed by some cracked people.Believe it or not all of us the result of king minilik.
  • black ambesa Added if it wasn't for milinik I think Ethiopia would be 99 percent catholic or get killed by the European Italian facieses.....milink thanks abatachen Ethiopia jegna the tribal issues in Ethiopia specially to the ppl of oromo ? all I can say is gobona sold you your own ppl sold you when you had super power on your own region ....
  • Tigist Added Hallelujah, Neger miyaberd enji miyagagil mech atan bilhe naw yihen mitsifew?? Deg degun Eski .... Ere atadikmun!!!
  • Minilik Added Amazing!!
    An artist becoming a HISTORIAN!!
    Was he educated in History? or is he
    just exploiting the status he got from
  • bona Added crap boy,
  • Alazar Solomon Added I have seen this exact article posted on gadaa. com as well as Tigrai Check out the author (Hallelijah Lulie) on Google and you will be surprised to find what he writes in reference to Menelik. I got one for you from his Twitter account. He writes: " how do you feel if I unreservedly honor the killer of your dad? And the man who cut your mom's breast?" What do you expect from this guy who claims to be educated and was a reporter for numerous agencies? What is his agenda? Politics? Religious? Ethnic? This writer finds Teddy's comment so disturbing, he wants to save us from a "Holy War." What a stupid ignorant!

    And those who say they stand "for the Freedom of the Oromo people" has petitioned to boycott Teddy's Concert and Bedele Beer,as if that would bring freedom. I couldn't help it but to laugh. When are they going to mature?
    Yes, Menlik's war to unite and bring back the old Ethiopian territory under his rule is a HOLY WAR to me too. You want to call it "UNHOLY"? Go ahead and call it whatever you want to call it, but the fact will not change. Yes, Menelik fought all who didn't surrender to his order. War is war. You kill and get killed. You win or you lose. He won. After he secured his County's territory as he know it from his forefathers, he went to kill Italians to liberate his people. Without Menelik we wouldn't have the pride we have now to call ourselves Ethiopians. And Teddy is teaching the new generation history in his music; this is the history that TPLF/ EPRDF would like to destroy.
    Since Teddy released his last CD and that wonderful DVD showing the Adowa war and our Beloved Menelik leading his multiethnic army, people who hate his guts are more upset with Teddy and now they are trying to discredit him and smear the name of Emperor Menelik. They have their agenda based on political ideology. And of course hatred.
    Please know your history and your facts before you comment. People might think you are either illiterate or stupid. Don't be either one.
    One more advise- Live Teddy and His and True Ethiopians Hero- Emeye Menelik.
    Cheers. Drink Bedelle.
  • teddy Added dud what the f... is shall up mean ?
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