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The Nile Project Releases Second Album

Jinja is the long awaite d follow-up to Aswan, the live recording from the Nile Project’s debut concert in 2013.
Featuring artists from Burundi, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, and Uganda, the album consists of ten
original compositions born during the Nile Project’s 2nd annual musicians Gathering in Jinja, Uganda.

Each year, the Nile Project convenes a selection of artists from its growing Musicians Collective. A
phenomenon that moves from music school to composition bootcamp to full-scale rehearsal, musicians from
the 11 Nile countries explore all manners of combining their diverse languages, musical modes, rhythms,
timbres, and playing styles. The Nile Gathering is two weeks of musical roulette that gives every artist a
chance at the driver’s seat. To the listener, the performance is an aural adventure with many unexpected
twists and textures.

On the surface, the Nile Project blends traditional musical idioms into one seamless Nile sound. But look a
little further and you’ll begin to see a 35-member Musicians Collective modeling contemporary organizational
concepts such as systems thinking, network theory, and participatory leadership.

The Nile Project is pioneering a new approach to transform transboundary water conflicts by using music to
ignite cross-cultural empathy and spark environmental curiosity. Recent invitations to lead workshops and
performances for key diplomats and policymakers at the United Nations, the European Commission, and the
African Union attest to the capacity of these collaborations to transform the way we think and interact with
respect to the many challenges we collectively face.

Jinja captures cross-cultural musical collaborations among artists sharing diverse relationships to world’s
longest river. Kindred harps and resonant lyres from the Nile’s sources in East Africa and Ethiopia to its deltas
in Sudan and Egypt have reunited to learn new musical modes while buzzing timbres and ingenious
polyrhythms support vocals in six languages.

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