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Australian Born Ethiopian Beritu Jalleta Who Donated 20 Million Dollar To Ethiopia

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ውልደቷና እድገቷ አውስትራሊያ ሜልቦርን የሆነው የ14 ዓመት ወጣቷ በሪቱ ጃለታ በውድድር ያገኘችውን 20 ሚሊዮን የአውስትራሊያ ዶላር ለሀገሯ ልማት አበርክታለች።

More Video Here: Beritu Jalleta

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  • ato weshato Added kkkkkkkkkkkk wey wey wey weshet wesht
  • shhhhh Added wuuuyy weyane,,,,
  • Bekeka Added ኡፕስስስስ oppps
  • እውነት Added ታላቅ ውሸት on-dr-tedros-adhanoms-unsubstantiated-claim-o n-biritu-jalata-20-million-prize-march-02-201 5/
  • kiyya Added abo ye oromo lij korawubish unkaan ke oromo tefetersh indi new abo nuriliny oromo malet beukat hone be habt maan chilot bada takatalu ibidi balu Birritu mitsaraw be oromi kilil bicha new be gaara mullata be hararge zone
  • yigermal Added Hahahah SHAM Big SHAM, Prestigious Melbourne open award is about 6 million Australian Dollar ... Why people have to lie to themselves!! MAferia
  • Bekeka Added My eyes filled with tears when I watch this. I know we Ethiopian has a heart that can give too. Someday we might have many Beritu Jaleta. May God be with you. May God bless you. It not only great job but excellent job. Thank you Beritu
  • Gera Dee Added Danny what do you want to say ? what this vision and kindness of her to the kids in Ethiopia has to do with Politics? Sounds you are blinded by your own opinion this is common in developed country kids to participate in competition and win price. What makes this different the money they raise and the true heart and love Beritu has for her country to look back and give it . Walk up Danny from your dark thought. What Weyane you complain here no country transform a country in ten years look Addis I live in a develop country and no project done in infrastructure and city development in ten years the people didn't see the party they saw the future roll their sleeve work day in and day out to make it where it is today . It is a collective of idea, investment of labor, scarify, future...the poor. That era sitting with beer and crying loud about Party gone even the opposition are not seeing Ethnic but saluting honoring the citizen. The citizen when people like you shut their mouth and get peace they show they can work hard and make their country to the next level. Don't bring your ignorant mind here. Now nothing but your luck of vision pissed me off. I am not Weyanne or Derg or Oromo I am Ethiopian. Sure when the school construction finished we make sure you get chance for education bold mind.
  • Gera Dee Added Danny what do you want to say ?