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Finfinnee Kegna - Part 2

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Finfinnee Kegna - Part 2

Ethiopia Kegna (Produced by:

More Video Here: Finfinnee Kegna - Part 2

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  • selamawit Added How come a university student thinks like that? Do you know about the real Ethiopia and world? ADWA is not only proud to Ethiopian’s but also it is proud to all African’s and the rest of the world. How come you talk like that about the king? <> Don’t forget always there is the unbalance power distribution among different ethnic group. Even this is happening right now in this century. And will definitely happen if one of your ethnic groups came on power. Please don’t make things complicated and create more division among us. I am sick of this kind of people. Why don’t you focus on your self and also the future of this country, rather than the past. And I advise you to take a lot of history classes. All the things you mentioned look “afe tarik” If you have concrete evidence proof it. <> I think you are trying to rewrite the beautiful past history of Ethiopia. <> And about the singer, he has a total right to sing and say whatever he feels. And he didn’t say actually any thing lie. Every thing he said is true and he did great job. It was all about the success that the country gets during the battle of ADWA. Are you not happy about all this things that happened during that time? Why you want to change the gist of the song and the conversation to other subject matter and please don’t compare our king with other bad person in the past what he did is he tries to defend the country from invaders that is all. Where did you get all this things? I have been In AAUT and I took a lot of history classes. And I never learn all the things u menssioned in my life. <> About the sculpture, it talks about the past history. So you can not rewrite history by destroying it. I am wondering you might say we need to destroy the landmark of ADWA. Who knows? Try to be positive any way. Try to Google map or go and visit the Washington DC there are a lot of sculptures of the past leaders of the time of slavery. You know you can not say we have do destroy them it is already the past. For example are saying we don’t need history. <> Let me tell you one last thing Addis Ababa or you call it finifine. Was established as capital city by the king and the Queen. I just want to remind you. Where the heal you got all that bad things. Or do we have other king under the name?.........
  • menelik Added Graziani na menelik are two completely different individuals. No wonder why we think of some Oromos as block minded at times.
  • just Added ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee addiszefen kkkkkk your works like Rewand Radio kkkk '<'.removeEvilAttributes('br /').'>' Amhara dead since TPLF in ethiopia we know ,,today you works hard to killed the rest '<'.removeEvilAttributes('br /').'>' it is not new for us to die ,,,but one day ,,,one day ,,,One day ,,,,,,,we will weak up
  • SM Added Oromia too sensitive, please don’t be too sensitive, having say that I'm not applauding for people from Baherdar, you need to grow up, you should respect your brother and sisters we are in 20th century. At the same time all of us we should stop he said she said type of cry. We all same one people, that is the beauty of Ethiopia.
  • sewlesew Added facts: 1. yeweyanie mekefafel alama tesakitoletal. bemehonum Agazi beterara tsehay silechefechefachew wondimochchin fitih mefeleg titen ke 200 amet befit tederege betebale afetrik enichekachekalen. 2. Ye bahir daru rebisha woyanie hone bilo sew aderajito yetekesete endehone mawek alebin. gobez endet eskahun weyanen alaweknewum. amara ena oromo atala malet trlf le zelalem sichefechinen yinoral malet new period. 2. bel negn yetebalk ethiofirst gin yematireba koltafa neh. sile addis ababa mesfafat kemitawera habt nibretachewun be weyanie seletenetekut ena siletegedelut university temaroch minew yalanesahew. 4. yehig balemoyaw gin appreciated. university temari negn bayu gin yetebarerk chatam mehon alebih. wakeup guys. argue on things that matter, talk about united and better ethiopia for the next generation. you are under colonialization of 6% Tigres!
  • Habesha Added 1. wt is the need of Addis zefen to psot it? u r really Interhamoy'<'.removeEvilAttributes('br /').'>' 2. the oromo ppl is in an ocin of inferiority complex'<'.removeEvilAttributes('br /').'>' 3. as an animal they blow according to the wind'<'.removeEvilAttributes('br /').'>' 4. even they do not know this story is based on fiction "yegezetegnaw mastawosha"'<'.removeEvilAttributes('br /').'>' 5. do not forget Adwa'<'.removeEvilAttributes('br /').'>' 6. woyanie is the unhuman'<'.removeEvilAttributes('br /').'>' 7. GO hell
  • Bullaw Added Is he a university student? '<'.removeEvilAttributes('br /').'>' '<'.removeEvilAttributes('br /').'>' html
  • Ethiopiawi Added Doma ras, ahun ante ye university temari ltbal new? Awo Minilik chefchafi nebere neger gin ye Oromo hiz bicha aydelem eko yetechefechefew. Demo Posta bet fit le fit yalew ye DERG hawelt demo yifres libal new? hawelt is dingay nothing more nothing less!